Many years of experience in the automotive welding environment has gone into developing the Welserv range of Weld Timer and Monitor units. They offer a single solution to many different applications from Micro welding heads to 500KVA Projection welders or IT Weld Gun Stations to Multi Welders.

There are two basic forms, the stand alone welding control for retrofit to machines with existing SCR and isolator or the complete package with SCR and isolator or residual current device.

Control Features;

 · Six stage weld control

 · 32 Weld Programs  · Repeat Mode        
 · Up-Slope  · Pulsation  · Proportional Pressure Output
 · Heat Stepping  · Chained Sequencing  · Weld Counting Facilities
 · Weld Monitoring  · Half Cycle Welding  · External Program Selection
 · BCD Program Selection  · PC Networking  · Input Test Diagnostics
 · Error Code Display  · Self Diagnostics  · Bowl Feeder Control
 · Nut Depth Sensing  · Weld Stroke Monitoring  · Checking Jig Control
 · Low Force System  · Seam Weld Mode  · But Weld Mode






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