BSW 25 - 50 - 100 Resistance spot welder

BSW bench welders, thanks to their reduced dimensions, are suitable to build customised multispot welding equipment. BSW 25 is particularly suitable for precision spot welding and, fitted with special accessories, can be used to weld small size parts. BSW 50 and 100, thanks to their rigid structure, allow high quality projection welding.











NKL 18 - 28 Rocker Arm Spot Welders

NKL series resistance spot welders, versatile, robust and easy-to-use, ensure best welding results on any weldable metal and are the most ideal solution for all spot welding applications.

NKL models are supplied either mechanical or air operated:

NKLT's : mechanically operated pedal.
NKLP's : pneumatically operated by electrical pedal.








PPN range air operated spot welders

Both PPN 28 and PPN 53 fully satisfy a wide range of the industrial applications are equipped with microprocessor control, safety compliant side buttons, electric pedal and solenoid valve, upon request they can be fitted with special controls to suit any special configurations.

Lower round arm with adjustable height and lateral adjustment.
Electrodeholders with electrodes for spot welding and possibility of easily fitting barholders for projection welding.
Inferior arm holder can be rotated for use with larger arm gap.

PPN 83, 103, 153 and 253, all supplied with lower platen adjustable in height and fitted with T-slots, enable the quick assembly of barholders, of electrodeholders or any dedicated tooling for a specific application.

 Ppn28  Ppn



Seam welders RT-RL-RTL 80-150KVA

Seam welders of this range are standard supplied for monophase mains connection. Three phase versions, also with medium frequency inverter, are available for special applications. Medium frequency machine grants high speed welding and enables to join hardly weldable parts with reduced deformation. The wide range of the equipment configurations enables to obtain water tight seam welding of cylinders, fire extinguishers, radiators, tanks and similar items with excellent quality results.




SRT   butt welders, air operated with completely automatic cycle, allow high productivity and are suitable for welding wire manufactured goods. SRT 10, due to its welding speed, is particularly recommended for mass production. Upon request, SRT  can be supplied with the pulse facility control to obtain reduced burr, good looking and slightly expanded joints.

Air operated
Electronic control for the welding parameters adjustment
Movable jaw by bearings for very precise sliding with low
    friction to achieve quality welding



          SQ/AS 62

SQ/AS models are suitable for flash butt welding solid material, pipes, profiles and hollow sections by obtaining high quality joints. They are particularly suitable for mass production with fully automatic controls aiding speed and efficiency.

Air operated
Electronic control for the welding parameters

Movable jaw by bearings for very precise sliding
    with low friction to achieve quality welding



VOYAGER equipment is a robotized system working on more axes for resistance spot or projection welding of work pieces placed in proper jigs. Flexibility, productivity and easy programming are the main features of VOYAGER equipment, suitable also for small series mesh and of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium lamination parts. configurations.

blu_Square4075.gif (140 byte) Flexible programmable CNC system for positioning and welding at high and constant productivity.
blu_Square4075.gif (140 byte) Easy programming thanks to the teach-in software of the control.
blu_Square4075.gif (140 byte) Programmable control for the independent adjustment of the welding parameters for each single spot.
blu_Square4075.gif (140 byte) Possibility of welding on different levels thanks to programmable Z1 (pre-stroke of upper electrodes) and Z2 (stroke of the lower counter electrode) axes.





The twin spot welding units are the most suitable solution for single side welding and they ensure the possibility to realise multi spot welding equipment in a simple and cheap way. Each twin spot unit is fitted with its own WS708 welding control, thus allowing independent operation or, by connecting more units together, you can weld either in electric or pneumatic cascade or simultaneously.

By special applications such as “push-pull” we can also deliver the module without control enabling the welding of parts which couldn’t be welded with the standard unit; moreover, this method allows to increase the maximum welding thickness.





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